We're a small business for now.  Eager to grow and
expand when future demand requires.  I started the
company for all the right reasons.  Bigger painting
outfits were not relating with the customers as I saw
they should.  That personal, one on one aspect was
lost somewhere along the all to busy road to success.
Quality was also being compromised for things like
time and overhead expense.  This did not sit well with
me, as I see a customer's home as important as my
own.  Greed was becoming more and more apparent
as of all these components of good business were
deteriorating, yet prices were escalating.

This business came about because of the need for
trust involved with building personal relations, the idea
that a job needs to be done right if it's to be done at all,
and the hope of bringing value back into the world of
quality home finishing.

Devin owns and operates Sullivan Coatings.  In his
free time he enjoys playing music (future shows could
be added to web page!), drawing, painting (not homes
this time), outdoor activities like snowboarding, hiking,
biking, traveling, BBQ’s and indoor activities like ping
pong and spending time with Sarah, his wife, and Tom (their

"I have a hole in my wall, can you fix it, or is this job too
-NO job is too small for Sullivan Coatings, and yes we
do drywall patchwork.

"What do you charge per square foot?"
-We don't really have a flat rate for square footage.  All
situations are personally inspected for special
circumstances and are therefore bid accordingly.

About Us
About Our Business